Larp Submission: Dreaming In-Character

Hello friends! I wanted to share with you a larp I have been thinking about over the past few years. I finally got to writing it down and wanted to hear your feedback! This larp was made with conventions in mind. Name Pending! Please submit your suggestions because I would love to come up with a better name.

General Information: Naptown is larp made for conventions to offer a quiet resting place for reflection, role play and relaxation. The objective of this larp is to provide a place for convention dwellers to rest and simulate the lives of characters in a different world. Each resting area will be themed for the player to match the setting of their character’s life. The characters will be premade assigned skills, characteristics and hopes/dreams. An additional hope of this larp is that the player may be able to lucid dream.  The larp runs for 1 hours. 15 minutes for setup and check in. 45 minutes for resting.

Inspiration: This larp was inspired by great weekends at conventions and the lone warriors that sleep in hall ways between panels. From time to time, the convention life can run people a little thin. There is so much passion, love and support being shown to hobbies that people retire to their hotel rooms early, or fall asleep at dinner. Naptown is inspired by those passionate people that come alive at conventions. Naptown is here to offer a safe place in between what really brings people to conventions. Naptown is also inspired by the storytelling Nordic larp offers.

How to Play: How to play is up to the player. This can be a safe place to rest between convention goings-on or it can be a fruitful larp experience. Players will reserve slots in Naptown. Each player will have a total of one hour to play. The first 15 minutes is set aside of check in. Players will receive their character sheets. Character sheets will have a background of the person they will be playing, their general skills, and what their hopes and dreams are like. The player will then be directed to their napping area. The player is advised to read over their character sheet before resting. The resting area will be decorated to immerse the player in their character’s world.

What is Needed: An open room. This room needs to be closed from the rest of the convention. A desk for check in. Character sheets. Well decorated sleeping spaces. General cleaning supplies and back up bedding.

Example: Character – R. Adams, an infantry person at the front of a line. They lay their head down to rest before their next shift. R. Adams was born in Sunnydale, CA and lived a quiet life before the war. The war is starting to scare them. Their best friend joined the same week and has passed away. R. Adams can still remember the taste of the strawberry shakes they would get at the old malt shop near his family’s general store. R. Adams was known as being a nice person. Always lending a helpful hand to those in need. They even volunteered to help Farmer Dan redo his fence when the cattle got spooked during a storm and knocked the fence down. It took a whole week to cut the lumber, redig the holes and wire the fence. But when R. Adams was done, R. Adams felt accomplished. Though now, after the war, R. Adams has to look out for his fellow troops but war is tough. One of the people in R.Adams’ unit passed away overnight. R. Adams and their fellow bunk mates went through the belongings of the person who passed, hoping to find a free smoke or even cookies from a care package. War had taught R. Adams to look after themselves and now they wondered what life might be like when they get back home.. if they make it back home. Resting Area Display – A single cot with a lantern nearby. There is an old box of cigars but it is full of playing cards and a few mementos from home underneath the cot. The cot is military issued with a canvas fabric and wool blankets. Under R.Adams’ pillow is a photo of the person they left behind.

Rules/Things to Consider:

When playing Naptown, please reserve your time slot ahead of time.

Please do not disturb other players during their time.

Please be courteous of the players before you and after you. While staff will have the ability to refresh the playing area, please keep in mind your hygiene.

A debriefing time will be available on both days of the event to discuss any dreams or feelings had during the experience.

Please remember a staff member will wake you at the end of your reservation, if you have fallen asleep.

No extra time can be awarded unless you have reserved the other time slot.

Only one person per playing area.

No eating in the play area.

Harassment of any sort will not be tolerated.

Please leave the playing area as you found it.

Side Note: This larp was inspired by a lot, but mostly the enjoyment we all have taking naps. A huge contributor to this creation was my darling sweet puppy Ares. Here is a photo of him preparing for the larp.