Hazy Fields Larp Development

Recently, I began publishing some information about a larp I have been working on with some friends. It is called Hazy Fields and it is inspired by the political activism of the 1970s. For years I’ve played, staffed, organized and wrote. Now I want to start a new chapter in my life creating larps for people to play. I want to give back to my larp community as much as it has given me. Some of this information is still in development. So please give us time and your understanding as it changes.

To begin this article, I would like to show you the Patreon post where I first opened up about Hazy Fields:

Hazy Fields is a larp project I am creating with a few of my close friends. The idea for this larp has been tossing around in my head for some time. For me, Larp is my form of art. It is how I can express myself and communicate me. I have been inspired by artists who share their work with the world. For a singers, they sing. For painters they paint. To create a piece of art for a larper, to me right now is to create a larp.   Creating a larp means so much to me. Each time I play a character I receive a unique gift from them. I grow from the experience and threw the tears/pain/happiness, I come out so rewarded. I want this larp to be gifted to others.   


During the 1970s a lot was happening in the United States. People felt a lot during that time. It reminds me of the things we feel today. So I wanted to write a larp that we could express ourselves in a safe environment. So my friends and I chose the 1970s as the time period. I use the words Woodstock and Watergate to describe the larp, even though the dates are a little off.  

Another part of my life has really been touched by the political activism of the time. Many of my heroes stood up against their oppressors and inspired change. I don’t know if I am that strong of a person, but I can provide others the knowledge and tools of how to do those things.  

What my team is building: A music festival larp. A place where people can dance however they feel with others doing the same. A story that expresses the beauty of the 1970s. The setting begins with a group of people starting this music festival to rock until “the man” lets their friend out of jail. This friend is being falsely accused of war crimes against Americans. Theres conspiracies of FBI agents, aliens and drugs but these hippies, runaways, parents and mythical creatures have simply gathered to bring peace to their world.  

Elements have been added to the concept to help players cope with the serious tones of the larp. In this event taking place in the 1970s, all things have happened historically the same as they have in our world. Some topics will be avoided. We would like to make this larp mostly fun and not grim. However, fae, orcs, elves and any other fantasy races exists. This will give players the ability to express themselves however they choose and hopefully gain the reward of full creative expression. I really fell in love with the idea of a flower power orc and centaurs running around as faeries danced in circles. The costuming following the 1970s fashion.

Another part of this larp is the workshops, speakers and scheduled rallies. Workshops will be provided on who to prepare a protest or rally. What the differences are, what you can and cannot do.  As well as including safe practices. Players do not have to come to these workshops. They are meant to be apart of the festival. The intent of this is that players will go home with knowledge they can choose to apply in their lives. NPC speakers who have stories of their experiences offering words of wisdom. Finally players will also be able to schedule rallies or gatherings. We will give them a place to have a scene or sit in. They can speak poetry or paint: Dance or paint. This can be a time for players to express themselves about our real world issues. They will be asked to keep the topics vague.   

When I have wanted to speak on things I am passionate about, I have always second guested myself and often remained silent. I am always finding a new part of my voice through larp and I want others to be able to find their own.   

This larp will have an age restriction and I will create a survey to help cast players. There are different factions at the event and a very cool story. We even the idea of a simulated “trip dungeon crawl” to attempt to replicate the mind set of where thoughts were coming from during that time.  Above is a screenshot of the first page of the design document. The names are of my boyfriend and two of my closest friends. They have been supporting this idea and helping me build everything you read here.  

Since my original Patreon post, I have noticed that some information was left out. Below you will find some additional information about Hazy Fields that my team and I have been working on.

Hazy Fields will run as a consent rule system. We want to offer our players freedom of expression threw their characters but also guarantee the safety of everyone. We will provide rules as they develop and well as offer workshops at the beginning of the event.

We also understand that during the historical time line of the 1970s certain topics may not be enjoyable to play. We are working with others within the larp community to make sure all topics are handled with care. We will not be playing with harmful themes about race. We intend to play those themes to celebrate the beauty within them.

Players will be given a survey to fill out. This survey will ask them what they want to play and we will design parts of the story around it, as well as their character. Players will also choose which faction they want to come from. These Groups are:

  • The Bands – A music festival has to have some music! This faction is for players interested in getting on stage and reacting classics or presenting their own pieces. Those who can play an instrument can enjoy this role.
  • The Hippies – All sorts of people from around the world gathering to celebrate love, earth and find themselves during this time. These are humans coming from broken homes, drafted into wars and looking for a chance to speak their minds.
  • The Agents – The FBI is in the crowds of the festival. They are making sure the festival doesn’t get out of hand and if anyone on their most wanted list shows up, they can take them in. What other reasons would they have to be there?
  • The Aliens – Aliens are real and here to spread the word on love and peace.
  • The Fae-Folk – In fictional America, there were never creatures of lore. From fae to orcs, they are all real and have their own struggles.
  • The News Team – A team of political activists and skeptics that has come together to document and question Hazy Fields Festival. To them this is a historical movement.

If you are interested in finding out more about Hazy Fields, becoming apart of the team or want to follow the progress, sign up and share your thoughts! Click Here to Sign Up

Thank you for your support on Hazy Fields! I hope you’ll enjoy this larp as it develops.