Valentine’s Day Paint Night

This year for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something a bit more creative then previous years and something that would be really fun for my boyfriend, Casey. Winter has been a little harsh this year and our small apartment can only take so much. We have been spending a lot of time at home catching up on Netflix and Hulu. Though now it seems we may have finally caught up. Valentine’s Day was my time to do something fun, romantic and cheap for the both of us to enjoy.

I’ve been really inspired creatively lately. Casey and I both really enjoy painting. Though since we have been together, neither of us have had a chance to paint together! I grabbed all out paints from various larp projects, new canvases and some take out.

We have a lot of fun things at out home. A lot of objects we have gathered for larp, or just something that we like. We have an alter that we keep many of these things in. I hung faerie lights inside and light candles all around the house. Inside the alter glass case is sand from when Casey was in Hawaii and some gifts my mom brought back from Nepal. I love sunflowers. So our home is also decorated in them. I really love faerie lights because they are small but add a lot to decorating a home or for larp. A lot of the nordic scenes I do for Magestry (my home larp) ends up having them. These ones are battery operated, so they are great for camping.

We had some left over bottle canvases from a paint night at my office. We decided to start with those and we both painted portraits of “famous” larp bottles. Painting took a lot more time then we thought it would, so we didn’t get to finish them yet. Mine will be titled Mermaid Tears.

Casey’s came out really fun. I love how it looks like there are galaxies swimming in the bottle. It is the finest Fae Wine that the Fae Realm can offer!

Once we have completed out Wine Bottle Portraits, we are going to donate them to our local larp Magestry to hang up in the taverns. We figured that so many taverns are filled with famous people, why not decorate the one we go to with famous drinks? I’m not really good at arts and crafts, but I know this will give another personal touch to the tavern. My hopes are to cover some of the things in the tavern that might not match the setting with these and perhaps inspire some role play for others.

Valentine’s Day was a lot of fun just taking time with my loved one. We painted until we couldn’t anymore and finished the evening with the Great British Bake Off! I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for letting me share my evening with you!