How to Make a Fairy Princess Dress

Costumes for larp characters are not often cheap. Learning to make something for a larp character can lead to the ability to save money and be a great introduction to a new skill. I am not a great seamstress and I am often lazy, however I have found that I love making my own garb. There are plenty of vendors out there that capture my heart, but nothing fills up the cup of my soul like creating something new for my larp character.

A few weeks ago, I did a photoshoot to welcome the spring! We have not had a very kind winter, so finding a location was tough. I went to a local botanical garden. The photos came out well, but I felt my outfit didn’t look finished. So I sought out a way to update this look. I hurried to a local fabric store and found some beautiful fabrics that I knew would complete my character Marisol’s look.

Marisol is from the fae realm. I play her at Magestry. She is an unseelie fae. Her mother is a queen and her father may be a king? She is not an official princess but that didn’t stop me from wanting to make her a “fairy princess” dress. Marisol enjoys gardening. I wanted to make her a dress that had her love for flowers woven into it. Once I had my fabric and design in mind, I began working. I rarely use a pattern. I am terrible with numbers and measuring things out. I’m not sure if I had used a pattern, if it would have made the process easier, however this is my comfort zone for sewing for myself.

After I had finished sewing the dress, I was really impressed with what I had completed. It looked so great! Better then I had hoped! I also found that this light green fabric really went well with the sheer white fabric with the purple flowers. Sometimes I swear it is glowing! But maybe that is the inner fae princess in me hoping its magic. This project only took me a few hours to complete and I am really happy with it!

To follow this tutorial step by step, take a look at this helpful guide I’ve created!

Please enjoy! I am looking forward to seeing you and your fairy princess dress!

To see this dress in action, view one of my recent videos where my friends and I attacked a dragon to celebrate a fae holiday.