Ko-Fi Funded Projects

Through the support of the larp community I am able to produce larp related content. This support is offered in many ways, however Ko-Fi has been the most helpful for funding special projects that allow me to create and give back.

I am currently documenting my adventures into the world of live action role play. My quest is to create a place that inspires the exploration of larp. There are so many different journeys to take with larping, and with every one I come across new challenges and fun stories.

By traveling to as many larps as I can I have been exploring larp design. As I visit new realms, I film my experiences to share them on my YouTube channel titled Larp Girl. I have learned so many things while larping. I have overcome fears and lived my wildest dreams. I hope by continuing to share my stories about larp others will join in on the fun.

With my YouTube channel I have introduced so many people to live action role play. This is my way of giving back to larp. With the support of the larp community, I am able to bring you on these larp adventures with me.

This Ko-Fi is dedicated to the special projects that I hope to achieve and to the travel expenses to get to specific events. Visiting honestly means so much to me. My channel is my passion and is successful because of the kindnesses of the larp community. I am always open to feedback and suggestions. Thank you to everyone who has come to this page. Special Projects Wishlist: http://a.co/eC1N9tK