Introduction to Meg & That Chronic Illness Life

Hi there, fellow LARPers.

My name is Meg, and usually I look like this,

But sometimes I look like this.

A bit about me: I’m a senior in college, studying German and Translation/Interpreting, I’m a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan, and I’m chronically ill and disabled.

How’d I get into LARPing, you ask? Well, thank both my love of DnD as well as my illnesses. I had been sick in bed, watching some DnD livestreams, which led me to some videos by the insanely talented Mo Mo O’Brien, Cheyenne Rain, and, of course, our own LARP Girl, Kaza. I was instantly intrigued, but worried I wouldn’t be able to participate, due to my extra needs, as well as my limited budget.

Luckily, I was wrong, which brings me to the content I’ll be posting about: LARPing on a small to nonexistent budget, as well as LARPing with extra needs (physical/mental illnesses and disabilities). I hope my unique perspective will allow LARP creators to check how accessible their LARPs really are, give a new lens to view LARPing through, and, most importantly, show others like me that the wonderful world of LARP isn’t off-limits to them.

I look forward to writing for you,


My links:
YouTube (I post mainly about chronic illness and LARP): That Chronic Illness Life
Instagram: @thatchronicillnesslife
Tumblr: (one “l” in “illness”).

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