Article by Hannah Gray

There are times in everyone’s lives that we feel stuck, directionless. We go to work – day in and day out – and it bores us. School seems pointless; the dreams we’ve been studying for seem so far away. Unachievable. We escape to other worlds, running down roads paved with pages, heeding the call to adventure.

But sometimes, even then, we feel trapped within ourselves. I’ve been there. For years Depression has been stealing my motivation to work on all the things I used to be passionate about. Sometimes that energy would come surging back to me. I would soon find Anxiety barring the way, decided that I’d already failed, so I don’t bother beginning. Until I decided, I will not fail.

In April, I attended my first Live Action Roleplay; Bothwell School of Witchcraft. I’d been fascinated by the hobby for years after finding out about it online, but I never found the courage to buy a ticket. What if I wasn’t any good? No one would want to play make-believe with awkward, introverted me.

Boy, was I wrong!

The trip was a roaring success. I faced my fear of flying and travelled to the event alone. I faced my fear and opened up to a coachful of total strangers (picking up more than a few good friends along the way). Was I a good roleplayer? Lord no! But that didn’t stop me from having the time of my life!

As soon as I got home after that weekend, I fell into the void of LARP-hunting. I’d developed a serious case of FOMO and was ready to make up for lost time. I started to learn that LARP was a huge hobby with so many variations and expectations. There was so much I still had to learn. But I’ll learn it all, one step at a time.

In these articles, I’ll chronicle my humble (and occasionally, messy) journey to becoming a better LARPer. Taking small steps, I’ll learn sewing and building kit for game, rediscover my love for music and dancing (I said it would be messy!) and open up my roleplaying range. I want to give back to the wonderful and friendly community. And, above all, I want to let new and potential LARPers that it’s okay to be intimidated. As long as you start; just take it one LARP at a time

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