How to Build Your Larp World

Article by Hadley Frost

Hello everyone!

We all have to begin larping somewhere, but what happens if there isn’t a larp nearby? Maybe you don’t have the funds to travel to the larp you’ve always dreamed of. Well that’s okay! Let’s get down and dirty and build a larp for you and all your friends!

Now some of us might have seen some large production larps and go “Oh no, I could never build something like that, I’m not that creative.” Well I’m here to say, that’s not what you should be focusing on. Making your own larp doesn’t have to be the grandsure, picturesque environment. In fact, a larp can be as simple as you and a few friends out in the woods with as little as a dream!

“So how do I start making my own larp?” There is never a best place to start except the one that works for you! I’ll start here with how to build a world for you and your friends to play in. First things first, you have to ask yourself “What kind of a larp do I want to play in?” Maybe you want to run away to a world back in time where mystery and intrigue run rampant and you and your sherlockian companions must solve the murder of the Queen! Perhaps you dream of a different timeline where steam powered machines were developed rather than electronics, thus steampunk world was born. Or maybe you want to live the life of high fantasy, slaying dragons, casting spells, and saving the princess’. The possibilities are endless!

Now that we have our type of setting, let’s figure out where in your world you will be playing in. Are you in an undiscovered area which must be explored? Maybe you were sent to a training camp away from the city to become knights. These are just a couple ideas to inspire a location to write about. Be sure to establish what environment your in, and what importance that place has to the world around it. These places can be as simple, or as detailed as you like.

Well, that’s the essentials. To build your very own world to larp in ask yourself, what kind of a world are you playing in, and what environment will the game take place in. After you have these written you’re ready to game! Of course if you want to build a larger world around the concept you already have, go for it! World lore, history, religions, and additional locations are wonderful things for your players to discover!

And of course, don’t just take my word for it, there are tons of resources to look into to help you design your world and what should be in it. Let your imagination run wild, your characters become real, and Larp spirit take over.



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