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Looking for larp gear and props for your next adventure? LARP Box is for larpers, by larpers. Helping the larp community grow by connecting the artists, game owners, and players that make it all happen. Sign up today to receive your package to get started on your journey!

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Get larp weapons and gear fit for Bicolline by using promocode LARPGirl2019 to get 10% all purchases!

Save 15% off at HolyClothing with promo code: KAZAMARIEAYERSMAN15

🌸🌸 Brand Merchandise 🌸🌸

Visit Blessing Larp’s Cafepress for a Daisy themed shirt. All proceeds of the purchase go to funding events for attendees who could not afford to attend otherwise.


Note from Kaza Marie:

It is important to me to create a space for the community we have been building together to find resources for their larp adventures. The links above are trusted stores that I shop from and have built partnerships with you offer special promos for you as a thank you for supporting my content. A % of the purchase will go towards the Larp Girl channel to assist with providing more content for all to enjoy.