If you are interested in inviting Kaza to visit your larp, please review the following. Thank you for taking the time to consider bringing Kaza (me) to your upcoming larp event. Please send all proposals to Kaza@larpgirl.com

List of Services

Below are a list of services provided by Kaza Marie. These services can be requested individually.

  • Event Photography: Action, portrait photos of players and staff throughout the event. This service will include a complete photo library to be shared with players and staff to use on their own.
  • Event Videography: Video documentation of the event. This service includes a complete video library to be shared players and staff to use for their own projects.
  • Video Experience: A full event presentation of the event from the perspective of Kaza Marie. Shared to the Larp Girl channels and website.
  • Additional Marketing: Content created to bring visibility to larp projects prior to events. Shared to the larp community within the Larp Girl audience.
  • Scenes: Dedicated scenes that establish open storytelling for all players to experience.
  • Design Consulting: For larp organizers looking to develop projects and are looking for feedback, new ideas and information on movements within live action role play.
  • Workshops/Debriefs: Hosted as an onboarding and debriefing experiences to help with the before and after care of playing events. This service is for all players to experience.

A Larp Girl Adventure Package

If you would like to invite Kaza Marie to your larp and would like to benefit from her attendance, below is a list of services provided through the Larp Girl Adventure Package. This package is best for marketing upcoming larp events.

  • Trailers for the event featuring introduction to the story and Kaza’s character.
  • Kaza’s Video Experience from the event.
  • Video and Photos for the players of the event to use for their own projects.
  • Social Media Posts, included co-hosted events.
  • Roleplay Scenes for all players to experience.

Check List

Larps that would like to invite Kaza Marie to attend their event, must have the following to be considered:

  • Larp has a published design doc openly accessible to the public.
  • Designed with a safety team or equivalent team dedicated to assisting and support emotional processing or physical aid.
  • Bans the use of brown, black, red and yellow full face makeup.
  • Bans symbols associated with hate speech.
  • Monitors their online community.
  • Has incorporated out of character check in mechanics.
  • Offers a workshop/training course at events.
  • Out of character opening announcements.

Best Practices for Filming

These are Kaza’s best practices that are requested of larp organizers through the approval process. Having these does not determine if the larp will be approved, these practices simply make it easier to film.

  • Larp organizers announces to their players that the event will be filmed by Kaza Marie and their intentions for the event. This will give players a chance to connect with the film crew, Kaza Marie and event staff if they would not like to be filmed.
  • Event staff gives a brief introduction to the players at check-in to help players become more familiar with the film crew.
  • Film crew hosts 5 minute camera workshop for players to understand the role of the film crew and the hand signals associated with filming. (Bow out, thumbs up, thumbs down.) This also gives players not looking to be filmed an opportunity to make it known.
  • Event staff establishes a quiet room for film crew to set dress for roleplay scenes. This is meant so that other roleplay scenes are not compromised by the camera. This room is the “opt-in to be filmed” area.
  • An in-character reason to have the camera, or a name that is established for players to refer to the out of character device. Most often used: Magic mirror, fairy box, portrait artist.
  • After the event, staff reviews video and photos.
  • After staff as approved, players are given access to raw videos and photos.

Characters ready for Adventure!

If you have a favorite character, feel free to request them for your larp! These characters have been featured in the Larp Girl content and have already begun to grow their stories. Your larp might be the best place for them to develop!


A charming orc that has gotten herself into a little bit of trouble. Vruuk is often looking for a way to make easy money or find a place to lay low while the heat blows over a tough situation. Vruuk left her orc tribe to make her own way in the realms. Some would say she is running from her past, but Vruuk would argue she is towards a great fortune. Vruuk is a rougish fighter and would do well in a fantasy setting or steam punk larp.


A summer fae finding her own path in life. She enjoys gardening and exploring all the realms she has missed out in. Marisol is a princess in the world she hails from. She has not yet earned the right to claim a title to inherit the throne and she may not want to. So far being a fae has given her liberation and freedom to enjoy life. Marisol is a fae looking to get into mischief and make friends in strange places. She is a fae and nature caster. She would be best suited for a high fantasy or steam punk larp.

Frances Jones

A witch traveling throughout time to guide young witches, wizards and magically touched through their experiences. Frances has a past of her own that continues to unfold. Within the many time lines and dementions, France has a large family. You never know where she will show up or when. She is a magical caster through wands, rituals and dance. Frances can be played at any genre of larp, though she is designed best for modern and scifi. This story is ongoing in collaboration with the Jones Multiverse.


Each life time a hunter is born to serve under the moon with the blessing of the wolf mother. Late in life Theron found her abilities. Once a woman who struggled to control her emotions, she has now found peace within by embracing the calling. Theron is in a band, Star Bright, with her best friends. She isn’t the best bass player but does well enough for her friends. Theron has a temper and it can often cause her wolf side to emerge. Theron can be played at any larp.


Submitted proposals for larp services will require payment for project completion. Each service has it’s own fee to be discussed between Kaza Marie and the organizers. Please be prepared that payment for these services does not include event fee, room, board, travel costs, costume and props for Kaza and her film crew. Event organizers should be aware that these expenses are to be covered by the organization employing the crew.


Larp Girl content is supported and sponsored by the larp community and friendship. With this Kaza Marie the ability to create content for others to enjoy for free. This production team is assembled by Ko-fi and Patreon .Additional requests outside of the content Kaza Marie is producing goes through an application process. Larp organizers looking to market their events must submit a proposal to Kaza@larpgirl.com and be prepared to pay service fees for content to be created.

Note from Kaza: It is my hope that one day I will be fully funded through Ko-fi and Patreon to be able to produce content. At this time, the larp community is growing. This form of entertainment/recreational therapy/art will need to continue to develop. As I document my experiences and create content,  I hope to help it bloom. As of now I have to support these projects out of pocket, aside from the support I receive from Ko-fi and Patreon. Taking on additional projects can add more time to the projects already being developed. Sometimes these projects request that I attend 3 – 4 larp events a month. In order to set aside enough time and budget to create costumes, props, scenes, videos and other content, I have to monetize my services. I love to capture beautiful moments at larp and share them with the world. I only ask to be paid when I am asked to do more.