More information to come about inviting Kaza to visit your larp!

Check List

Larps that would like to invite Kaza Marie to attend their event, must have the following to be considered:

  • Larp has a published design doc openly accessible to the public.
  • Designed with a safety team or equivalent team dedicated to assisting and support emotional processing or physical aid.
  • Bans the use of brown, black, red and yellow full face makeup.
  • Bans symbols associated with hate speech.
  • Monitors their online community.
  • Has incorporated out of character check in mechanics.
  • Offers a workshop/training course at events.
  • Out of character opening announcements.


Characters ready for Adventure!

If you have a favorite character, feel free to request them for your larp! These characters have been featured in the Larp Girl content and have already begun to grow their stories. Your larp might be the best place for them to develop!


A charming orc that has gotten herself into a little bit of trouble. Vruuk is often looking for a way to make easy money or find a place to lay low while the heat blows over a tough situation. Vruuk left her orc tribe to make her own way in the realms. Some would say she is running from her past, but Vruuk would argue she is towards a great fortune. Vruuk is a rougish fighter and would do well in a fantasy setting or steam punk larp.


A summer fae finding her own path in life. She enjoys gardening and exploring all the realms she has missed out in. Marisol is a princess in the world she hails from. She has not yet earned the right to claim a title to inherit the throne and she may not want to. So far being a fae has given her liberation and freedom to enjoy life. Marisol is a fae looking to get into mischief and make friends in strange places. She is a fae and nature caster. She would be best suited for a high fantasy or steam punk larp.

Frances Jones

A witch traveling throughout time to guide young witches, wizards and magically touched through their experiences. Frances has a past of her own that continues to unfold. Within the many time lines and dementions, France has a large family. You never know where she will show up or when. She is a magical caster through wands, rituals and dance. Frances can be played at any genre of larp, though she is designed best for modern and scifi. This story is ongoing in collaboration with the Jones Multiverse.


Each life time a hunter is born to serve under the moon with the blessing of the wolf mother. Late in life Theron found her abilities. Once a woman who struggled to control her emotions, she has now found peace within by embracing the calling. Theron is in a band, Star Bright, with her best friends. She isn’t the best bass player but does well enough for her friends. Theron has a temper and it can often cause her wolf side to emerge. Theron can be played at any larp.