This is a list of Larp organizations and events that are Larp Girl approved. These have been reviewed by Kaza with a fully approved recommendation. These are larps that are trusted by Kaza Marie.


Peculiar Crossroads

Felbis Productions


Armistice Arcane


Marked Larp

Ashwick Plantation


How to make it on this list

The rules of this list are pretty simple. Kaza must have attended the larp event for the larp to be added to this list. Before attending, they must pass the Larp Girl check list in order to be approved.

Check List:

  • Larp has a published design doc openly accessible to the public.
  • Designed with a safety team or equivalent team dedicated to assisting and support emotional processing or physical aid.
  • Bans the use of brown, black, red and yellow full face makeup.
  • Bans symbols associated with hate speech.
  • Monitors their online community.
  • Has incorporated out of character check in mechanics.
  • Offers a workshop/training course at events.
  • Out of character opening announcements.

For more information about inviting Larp Girl to experience your larp, click here.